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The County Fair!

This year, I decided to enter a few of my recent quilts in the county fair!  I've never entered anything competitive like this but I knew having a quilt hanging in the show would at least give me the push to go and see all the other beautiful quilts that had been entered.   The quilt category is broken down into sizes of quilt and then by technique.  I entered my Candy Hex Quilt in the lap quilt, pieced and quilted by the entrant category and my Swoon Quilt in the bed size, pieced and quilted by the entrant categories.  I was shocked when I went and found my quilts hanging with ribbons on them! My Candy Hex Quilt won...

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You Tube Channel

I've been working on creating some content for a youtube channel!  I'll be posting a few snippets of the quilts I'm working on and showing you a bit of my design process/decision making, along with some quick and dirty style tutorials on quilting designs. Look for content at least weekly! Here's the link:  Tiny Orchard Quilts on Youtube!

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