Frequently Asked Questions

Is all of your work freehand or computerized?

I quilt on a machine that does not have a computer system, so everything I do is all freehand with me constantly guiding the machine.


Do you use pantographs?

I don't.  Most of my work is customized to the blocks in your quilt.  In the case of graffiti quilting, the work is all freehand and creates a one of a kind piece.


What's the difference between freehand and computer-guided/pantographs?

A pantograph is a long roll of paper with a printed continuous line drawing.  The quilter lays this out behind the machine and uses handlebars at the back of the machine to follow the design with a laser light.  Once the quilter follows it to the end of the quilting area, they advance the quilt, line up the pattern, and start on the next pass.  Computerized systems work much the same way but a drive system in the carriage of the machine moves the machine for them.

In freehand quilting, I am standing at the front of the machine with your quilt directly in front of me.  It means every bit of the quilting is suited to your individual blocks.  This takes substantially more time than a computer-guided system, which is why custom quilting is more costly than a computer-guided edge to edge pattern.


How long does it take you to complete a quilt?

It varies by quilt size and complexity of the design, so it is hard to give you a definite answer.  The quilt I just finished was 68 x 70 and was custom quilted; it took me about 15 hours of quilting plus time to load the quilt.


Do you make t-shirt quilts?

No, I do not assemble or quilt t-shirt quilts.