The Scrappening!

The Scrappening!

I finally decided to take the plunge and do something I’ve considered for a very long time: cutting up the scraps.  I talked myself out of it many times: why cut up a piece of fabric before you know what you want to do with it?  What if I need a size other than these standard sizes I’ve chosen?  Won’t it take FOREVER?


I decided these were all valid points, so I never cut the my scraps, I just jammed them in the baskets. And jammed more in. And more.  Until I realized I couldn’t jam any more. Scraps went in but never came out.  All those wrinkly bits were hard to use. They needed to be sorted, ironed, and trimmed every single time I wanted to use them. It was annoying and so I never used them. 


Then all all those arguments I’d made to myself didn’t make sense anymore. If I wanted to use the scraps (and I do! I LOVE scrappy quilts!), I’d need them to be easier to use. 



And thus began the scrappening.  I’m nearly done now and it has been satisfying and inspiring to go through all this fabric. I now have a gigantic layer cake and an over six inch tall stack of charm squares. And more strings than I could have dreamed of.  The smallest bits are still in the original rope baskets waiting for me to finally take up crumb quilting.



After going through basket and basket of scraps, I streamlined the process a bit to make it faster. I thought I’d share my tips with you!  Cutting all the scraps into useable pieces quickly all depends on efficient stacking and cutting!



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  • Megan Ellinger
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