Plus Quilt SVG File

Plus Quilt SVG File

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Always wanted to try your own EPP Plus Quilt? Didn't want to commit to an entire kits worth of paper pieces?  Grab your svg-friendly cutter (a cricut, scan and cut, etc) and this free file!


This is a .svg file.  Once you import it to your cutter's software, be sure it measures 7x10 inches.  You'll be able to cut 28 plus shapes on one piece of 8.5x11 cardstock. Four of this size will fit on a charm square.  I trim 1” off one side of the fabric square to create a 4x5 piece, then cut four 2x2.5 pieces from it by halving it in both directions.


Of course, you can create any size pluses you’d like, the key is to just keep the pieces proportional as you enlarge or shrink them.  They need to stay 1.5 times as long as the short side.


There are not instructions included in this file but there are many great resources available on the internet in both video and photo formats.


This free download is for the cutting file only!  The quilt pictured is being made from these pieces and is not for sale.