Thread List

My standard thread is Superior Threads So Fine! 50 weight, which I keep in an array of colors.  This thread is included in the cost of machine quilting and any thread color can be ordered to match your quilt for no additional fee, though it may add a few days to a week to your overall quilting time.

So Fine! 50 weight colors currently in stock:

401, Snow
402, Pearl 
403, Putty
408, Silver 
410, Charcoal 

412, Hot Chilies 
418, It's a Girl! 
443, Forest 
470, Big Sky 

475, Geyser

492, Pastel Yellow
493, Pastel Green
494, Pastel Blue
501, Barely Purple
504, Silver Screen
505, Moda Green
506, Mint
507, Galileo
517, Limone
518, Barely Green
519, Barely Mint
520, Barley Peach
521, Barely Apricot



    I also quilt with a few other threads upon request/for an additional fee.  Metallic, glow in the dark, glitter threads, etc will be listed with details here soon.  All of these specialty threads will have a So Fine! 50 wt bobbin in a matching color.

    • NiteLite, white
    • NiteLite, blue
    • nitelitr, green
    • Aurifl Monofilament, clear
    • Aurifil Monofilament, smoke


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