Graffiti Quilting

Graffiti Quilting is a wild, allover technique that makes an impact on your quilt!  I love using this technique for quilts with busy fabrics and piecing.  You get a great texture on the front and a surprise on the back!


This is a holiday quilt made with large scale flying geese on a metallic Essex linen blend background  I used metallic silver thread to add to the sparkle effect.  Simple lines in the geese to balance it all out.




This baby quilt was pieced with a wide border that was perfect for some fun loose style graffiti.  With bright fabrics and purple thread, this baby quilt is anything but boring!


As with most quilts, the quilting shows up best on the back:



This is the back of a quilt comprised of swap blocks.  I love participating in swaps and the quilts that come from them are always crazy and fun!  So many different fabrics and styles coming together are perfect for some equally crazy quilting!  The texture of the front is surprisingly subtle even though I used a heavier weight thread to help it show up.  I chose a solid navy for the back of this quilt so all the quilting would really show up.  In quilting this, I used two main designs (a little wavy design I call toothpaste and pebbles) to tie all the shapes together.