Custom Quilting

Custom quilting is my favorite way to finish a quilt!  It shows off the piecing, adds fantastic texture, and makes the quilt the one everyone will want to sneak away with!


This is my Flora Quilt pattern.  I wanted to enhance the floral look of the blocks with leaves randomly placed around each flower.  I did minimal quilting within the flower and then added a dense filler in the background to help the flowers really stand out.  I love the mix of the super modern flower shape with the more traditional feather in the border and leaves.

This quilt below was designed and pieced by me as part of QuiltCon’s 2019 two color challenge.  Since the design played with secondary patterns created by the drunkards path blocks, I wanted the quilting to mirror that by bending around the corners of the piecing.



This Swoon Quilt (pattern by Thimble Blossoms available here) was so much fun to quilt.  I used double batting to make the texture of the circles and rulerwork really stand out.  The blocks contain both straight lines and some free motion swirly fleur de lis inspired shape.  A solid gray was used for the backing fabric so the free motion stitches would really show and I love how they look like snowflakes!



This quilt is my Candy Hex pattern and all those little scrappy pieces just begged for some fun quilting.  I used curved rulers to create a secondary pattern in the negative space which I filled with freehand feathers.  I selected a slightly different filler for each hexagon unit and also played around with a few simple designs such as lines, continuous curves, and a fun scallop in the red portion to keep the quilt soft and puffy.  The geometric border adds some fun around the edges.



This quilt, pieced by Tracy H, is the Community Sampler pattern.  I loved the combination of more traditional colors and blocks with a sprinkle of modern fabrics, so I wanted to replicate that feel in the quilting.  I used elaborate feathers to fill the negative space.  Since the blocks were all different, I wanted to use a few common elements to keep them consistent--continuous curves, lines of pebbles in the background, and a few little feather motifs.  The swan block in the center of the quilt was a favorite, so it got a little extra attention.

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