Aflutter Testing Info

Hi!  Thanks so much for the interest in trying out my new pattern--I am so excited about this as I’ve been working on it for months!

First of all here are some photos of the tops I made during the development--they aren't quilted here :)



Fabric Requirements:

About Aflutter:

Aflutter is a yardage-based pattern with big blocks that come together to create a secondary plaidish pattern.  The construction is relatively simple but there are some bias edges to deal with during the block construction.  I would rate this pattern as one a confident/adventurous beginner can tackle.

There are a lot of colors to keep track of but there are printable labels at the end of the pattern to keep everything organized.

What I’m hoping to get from the testing process:

Feedback on the instructions, diagrams, or any mistakes or issues you might experience.  I have made this pattern four times now and am working on a fifth copy now, so I don’t anticipate huge errors but I want to be sure the instructions are clear for everyone and not just my poor brain that has been thinking about this quilt for months.

There are some placeholders in the pattern--the front cover images will be replaced with final photography.


Tips for color selection (should I add more on this to the pattern?)

There are a few main color groups in the pattern.  I have found that the best secondary pattern emerges when you have two shades of each of the three color families paired together.  The other colors (the interiors of the blocks) are less critical to the pattern development.  In my print versions, I’ve chosen to put larger primary prints paired with blender/smaller prints of the same color. 

I'm considering starting a prequilt account for this and future patterns so you/quilters can more easily recolor it to your tastes.  Is that something that is worthwhile in your eyes?

You can use whatever fabric you’d like for this test--use up that stash if you can!


Testing Completion/Feedback Day: November 1

Launch day: November 9

Social Media:

Social Media Window: You can feel free to post your progress on social media.  I'll begin posting in earnest around November 1.

Hashtags: #aflutterquilt #tinyorchardquilts


I do wish I could pay you all a million dollars but I’m still a super small business.  My dream is to be able to release several patterns a year with regular testers/sample makers whom I can compensate for their time and energy.  Until I can get there, I have a few things to offer up: 

  • acknowledgements/social media names in the pattern
  • using your photos and social media in emails to promote the pattern with links to your instagram account
  • a free pattern or digital quilting design of your choice from my shop

If you are still interested, let me know by emailing   I’ll be sending the pattern out to the first 10ish people or so :)

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