Summer Skies Medallion--Alternate Color Combos


I'm still working away on the quilting of my Summer Skies medallion and its slowly coming along!  I haven't done any custom quilting in quite a while and despite my general lack of quilting time over the summer, decided to go for it on this quilt.  I'm repeating a lot of the same lines/arrowheads on this quilt to help give it a uniform design.



While I was working away on it, I was thinking about this quilt in other color combinations.  I designed this quilt when I was thinking about summer camp waaaay back in the day and how amazing the sky was away from all the lights of the cities.  The stars had this amazing twinkle and the aquas of the Milky Way really popped against the almost black of the sky.


But how would this quilt look in some other colors?  I pulled it up and shuffled some of the colors to give you some ideas!


I have to admit, I'm partial to the lime green one although that bright pink sure is a fun background color!

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  • Megan Ellinger
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