Custom Embroidered Quilt Labels

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A perfect label is the final finishing touch on a quilt!  I know many quilters manage to get labels onto gift quilts but your everyday quilts need label love too!  

I know making a label isn't everyone's favorite part of the process so I am happy to do it for you.  Embroidered quilt labels can be made in almost any color and style. With dozens of fonts to chose from, no one will ever wonder who made their favorite quilt.

Labels are stitched on Kona Solids with three layers of stabilizer for stability during stitching.  One is a permanent soft stabilizer to help your label keep its shape and support the stitches.  The other two are water-soluble stabilizers that will disappear the first time your quilt is washed or you can run your label under some warm water and watch the stabilizer dissolve!

Check out my selection of Kona Solids to find the background shade you like!

I use special embroidery thread in the process and have a rainbow of colors available.  I have Aurifil and Superior Threads color cards available for reference if you would like to match your quilting thread choice.  Size of the text will depend on the number of characters on each line but, depending on font, you can get 20-25 characters per line and still have a clear label.  I will send you a proof image for your approval.  

To purchase, simply check out with your label and fill out the quilt label content form to send me all the information you want on your label!

Single color and font label (up to 7x7 size label)--$15

Add a font--$2

Add color changes--$2

 Available Font List (this is an image heavy page!)

 Quilt Label Content Form


Looking for a label with an image?  I can do simple custom digitizing or you can find an embroidery file online for purchase.  Costs here will range on the purchase price of the design and the complexity of the stitching (generally, more color changes will increase your cost).