Quilting the Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt

Hi!  On my longarm right now is this amazing moda building blocks quilt I'm quilting for a friend of mine.  I'm having so much fun with it and wanted to share a little sneak peak!



  • Megan

    Hi Margaret!

    Thanks! I only rarely mark quilts—this one I didn’t at all. I just eyeball the distance and usually trying to hit an obvious point like halfway or where another line of piecing comes together.

    I quilt on a HandiQuilter Simply Sixteen and love it!

  • Margaret

    I really enjoyed watching your talented hands at work. Do you mark the quilt at all? It seems like you just knew where to stop and start without any guide lines. Impressive! May I ask what machine you use? Really nice and fearless! Thx.

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